Operation Management

CEO, born 1977, an accounting specialist by degree bred with financial background of nearly 18 years in the banking industry before embarking on the Facility Management journey. Currently completing the Professional Certificate in Real Estate, Valuation and Property Management.

COO, the backbone of the team, handpicked, with nearly 30 years experienced in Facility Management industry. A HR practitioner with vast experience among the first tier Facility Management fraternity.

Senior Operations Officer, the operator, who specializes and advises the company in the field of Electrical Engineering, rising his ranks from the inception of the company when it was established.

Senior Technical Officer, the thinker, also posseses Electrical Engineering background by education, provides check and balance to the operation team, ensuring the lines are constantly fed with expertise to ensure facility management completeness and consistency.

Accountant, our own banker with a flair in accounting by education, puts monetary control and devise financial strategy in making sure the going concern of our financial health.